The crew came from far and wide as well as next door for a backyard vert ramp session to wear-test and celebrate the Nixon x Santa Cruz collaboration. What started out as a soggy morning quickly segued into a heated session once the clouds parted, and Jake Wooten arrived on the scene. Then there was Eric Dressen, Phoenix Sinnerton and Erick Winkowski to round out a Santa Cruz squad strapped in our newest watches.

Flying in from Tennessee, Jake made the longest journey so he wanted to make every minute count. Between four back-to-back-to-back-to-back front blunts to warm up his vert legs, Jake rallied Phoenix to backside air over him while he dipped a backside smith. It was a “moment” to be remembered, especially for Phoenix marking his first-ever time synching up for an over/under.

Then there were the Eric(k)s. Of course, Winkowski cruised through to put our watches to the handplant test. They passed with prismatic colors while he casually dropped hammer after hammer. Dressen put in work as well with several effortless 5-0 nose grabs. By the day’s end the backyard session provided us with the results we expected—iconic graphics we love on watches we trust for a collab worth collecting.

Paying tribute to Santa Cruz’s 50th Anniversary, this collection of watches features some of their most iconic graphics on tried-and-true Nixon icons.

Nixon x Santa Cruz Time Teller OPP Screaming Hand Watch

The Santa Cruz Time Teller OPP (Phoenix’s skate pick) features a 3D and prismatic Screaming Hand on the dial. The high-performance silicone strap has a trademarked locking-looper for extra security, plus a quick-release feature to swap straps instantly. Adding eco-friendly ethos, the case is made from Other People’s Plastic (OPP), which is recycled to reduce our impact on the environment.

Nixon x Santa Cruz Logo Time Teller OPP Watch

The second Santa Cruz Time Teller in the collection has a run-through Santa Cruz Strip logo, Screaming second hand, plus a comfortable polyester strap—an instant classic.

The Nixon x Santa Cruz Corporal Collaboration Watch

The Santa Cruz Corporal watch was a favorite among the crew, featuring the OG Santa Cruz Roskopp graphic. Mimicking a skateboard, the dial has a wood-grain aesthetic, plus luminescent details for dark settings.

“I’d skate in the [Time Teller OPP] Screaming Hand watch, but I’d save the Roskopp watch to display,” says Phoenix Sinnerton, part of both the Santa Cruz and Nixon families. “That was always my favorite board graphic.”

Check out the Nixon x Santa Cruz Collection here. Drop in before these limited-edition watches sell out.