Perhaps no watch in the Nixon lineup is better suited for the role of "classic-everyday-watch" than the Sentry. This popular Nixon silhouette has had dozens upon dozens of different iterations, making it a popular collector's choice.

While there are many versions of the Sentry, there is always a consistency to what it is and what it represents. Nixon Co-Founder, Andy Laats, weighs in on what makes the Sentry tick.

Gunmetal Nixon Sentry Watch

The Nixon Sentry Design Origin Story

One of the first things you'll notice about the Nixon Sentry is the contrast of the applied indices against a classic watch silhouette.

According to Andy, "there's a sort of tension and aggression with the indices. The Sentry has the raised bezel, it's 10 ATM, and is a lot like a traditional watch. But there is energy in it from the indices."

The Sentry is born from the natural progression of Nixon as a brand. With roots deep in the world of board sports, Nixon built the Sentry as sort of a tongue-in-cheek nod to the later stages in life. The Sentry is the "you got a job and now you need to wear a watch" watch.

While the Sentry was initially designed to fit in at the office, there was always a desire to not do that by sacrificing spirit. And that's where the applied indices come in, giving the Sentry both depth and energy.

Surfer wearing a Nixon Sentry Chrono watch while handling his surfboard.

The Sentry fits in anywhere, and it's also durable enough to go anywhere. Add in a case diameter that fits most wrists sizes, and varieties including leather, stainless steel, and chronograph and solar movements, and you have one of the most accessible watches in the Nixon lineup.

Q: Why does the Sentry work so well in Nixon collaboration lines?

The simplicity of the dial is a perfect canvas for collabs. It allows for variability and personal expression. Not only in collabs, but also in the Custom program. We're giving you enough Nixon to be Nixon, but enough blank canvas to be whatever you want. Fill in the blanks.

Q: If the Sentry is the "you just got a job watch", what is the Sentry Chrono?

The Sentry Chrono is for when you're past entry level. It's the first or second promotion watch.

Q: Is there anything else from the Sentry origin story worth sharing with readers that we haven't covered?

Well, the original concept versions of the Sentry actually had "diagonal tie" patterns imprinted on the bands as a sort of nod to the "you gotta go to work" stage in life.