An inside look into the limited edition collaboration.

Nixon x Abysse Watch Product Collection

In collaboration with Hanalei Reponty’s line of wetsuit, swimwear, and activewear, Abysse, Nixon presents a capsule collection of watches inspired by the eternal draw of the ocean. Featuring the Bullet 42, Arrow Milanese, Medium Time Teller and Siren SS, each watch has curated details like custom hands and Abysse co-branding keeping with both companies’ belief that fashion and function are not mutually exclusive.

Born and raised in French Polynesia, this model and designer was swimming before she walked, and has nourished a deep connection to the ocean ever since. As the founder of Abysse, Reponty’s dream has been to create a brand that would align fashion and function, so a collab with Nixon was a natural fit.

“I feel like I have a really strong connection to the ocean. I feel that the ocean can give you happiness or drown your sorrows. I feel like the ocean is your friend that follows you wherever you go.” – Halanei

“At Abysse we set out to empower women to feel free and sexy no matter what activities they’re doing.” - Hanalei

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